the cheeky chorebots

Custom task automation that saves you time and money

Friend, do you use a computer to do a task so mind-numbingly repetitive that you’d be overjoyed to automate it — if you could just figure out how?

Maybe you’re…

Whatever it is, this much I know: you deserve better, because these highly repetitive tasks are costing you time and money. And I can turn them into a little machine that actually saves you thousands and makes you happier. Tell me how!

Savings Calculator

Let’s see how much you could save with a chorebot:

How can you say no to that? Sign me up!

Let’s get started

You’re just a few steps away from doing less of the joyless and making way for the joyful.

Your secrets are safe with me: I will not share or sell your information.

the process

Just send me your problem, and explain why it’s bad: tell me the steps that you take as if it were something tasteless to bake.

I’ll reply right away, within a work day or two. We’ll discuss a solution; if a chorebot is it, the bill I’ll send next so we get rid of that bit.

I’ll see that your chorebot is made to spec and bespoke, once the invoice is paid. When all goes as teased, in two to three days you’ll be pleased. Run your chorebot whenever and whyever you might — just log into this site.

If a chorebot won’t do, don’t worry! I consult, too. I’ll talk with you further and we’ll figure it out. Whether easy and simple or vastly complex, I’ll help with your problem till it ceases to vex.

The tale of chorebots

I’ve been right there with you, friend: labouring away at something that just won’t end. Convinced I could find a better solution, if only I had more time from my institution. Yet unlike me then, you have me now… to build you a chorebot, no sweat off your brow.

But wait, you might say, my grind is full of special edge cases, logic specific to my business, and sensitive data! I’ve tried those other self-service sites, and they can’t automate this cursed toil.

Whether they can’t or they won’t matters not to chorebot. Poor pity for them; so boonful to you: every bot I make custom and each one is brand new. Yes! I could use one, even two.

Simply tell me what dulls your poor tired head: what rules and demands must be met before your taskminder mind checks off that todo item task?

The data — it’s dirty, and needs a good scrub! These numbers are mangled; the letters too tangled. I need dots for the dashes but keep all the slashes. Then send it over to Pam as a full-colour picto­gram. She needs this done every day or we can’t roll any pay.

This I can do, merely invest a flat fee: I’ll whip up a script to deliver tout de suite and posthaste. A tailored chorebot — bespoke, just for you — that does what you need every time that you need it.

By golly, you’ve got me — I need this chorebot a lot!

A solution you’ll so often use; with this much to get, how could you lose? Inflict the bland task not once more on a soul — not your own nor another’s, not even your brother’s.

As for the cost… the bill might be $4000, yet hear out my bet: you will save much more than you spend now dreading this bore.

I’m sold and I’m done! Please, just make me one.

So what will it be? Will you set yourself free? No more training the intern, no more drooping their lids. No more gnashing of teeth under cubicle light.

Ah, I agree! Take this blight from my sight.

Assembled by Kyle

Who is this multitalented polyglot? Oh! It’s me, Kyle. I help businesses and organizations automate things nobody wants to do by writing scripts that do it instead. I call them chorebots. They’re affordable and adorable. I’ll make one for you!

As for me: I have been solving problems with software for a long time, mostly with webapps and databases. I prefer to work on projects that impact things people care about; things that make change and create value.

(And yes, I have license to rhyme. I call mine an arts degree.)

Need affordable, custom automation for your business or organization? Got a problem that will take more than a chorebot to solve? Let me know! I would love to help.

Email or tweet @dvelyk

Three Questions

Will you help me automate something illegal? Sorry, boring tasks only.

How about harassment, spam, or other abuse? Goodness no, friend. Love thyself.

Great. Now I’ve got free time in my carefully packed schedule. What do I do? Take the day off early! I’d say you deserve a break, and why not a raise?